about the project

For the Record


This project started in 2017 with the idea that we could empower local residents to love and advocate for their neighborhood by recognizing its unique and significant history. Because North Long Beach has traditionally not participated in other types of historic recognition, like designated buildings as historic landmarks, we thought it would be beneficial to try something new!

With the help of City Fabrick, the team at local nonprofit We Are the Next gathered together Councilmember Rex Richardson’s office and students from CSU Fullerton’s public History program to create an interactive installation.

To complete the project, students researched the history of North Long Beach and the city as a whole and conducted outreach with the community to get their input. City Fabrick designed timeline decals and associated visual materials, Katie Rispoli Keaotamai created the decals and coordinated the installation, and the office of Councilmember Rex Richardson supported the installation and shared it with the community.

For the Record is an interactive history timeline that tells the story of North Long Beach and its residents from a new perspective. The project is hosted permanently on our website here, and a temporary physical version of the project is installed on Atlantic Avenue, oriented South along the public sidewalk between 61st Street and Artesia Boulevard.

To make this project accessible, all timeline blurbs have their own unique page on this site where you can access translated versions of them in Spanish and Khmer. Additionally, some blurbs have additional information and video interviews with local residents in Spanish and/or English for an enhanced experience.