In a notable election, Robert Garcia is elected mayor of Long Beach and Rex Richardson is elected Councilmember of the 9th District.


Mayor Robert Garcia is not only the first person who is openly-gay to be elected mayor, but he is also the first Latino and immigrant, having been born in Lima, Peru. His election marked a historic moment for members of the Latino and LGBTQ communities in Long beach.

In April 2018, Garcia was re-elected Mayor by an overwhelming majority, winning 79% of the vote.

Rex Richardson, who currently represents North Long Beach as 9th District Councilmember, was (at the time of his election) the youngest in local history to be elected to office.

His work centers around empowering North Long Beach, as Richardson pursues a vision to bring investment to Uptown through public spaces like the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library and undertakes initiatives like the Creative Corridor Challenge which aims to beautify the community.

Sources we used and further reading on this era of Long Beach:


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