The Metro Blue Line opens, providing a direct connection by light rail between Downtown Long Beach and Downtown Los Angeles.


Image Captions:

  1. The first Blue Line train to make the trip from Downtown Long Beach to Los Angeles completes its route. Los Angeles Metro Photo Archives on Flickr.

  2. Bystanders and press gather to watch the first Blue Line Train arrive in Downtown Los Angeles from its origin point in Downtown Long Beach. Los Angeles Metro Photo Archives on Flickr.


In July of 1990, Metro (then RTD) unveiled the new Blue Line, connecting Downtown Long Beach to Downtown Los Angeles. Though the two regions had been connected by the construction of the 710 Freeway beginning in the late 1950s, the creation of a modern, direct public transit line brought accessibility to Long Beach residents who gained access to employment opportunities in Los Angeles.

Sources we used and further reading on this era of Long Beach:

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