In a bold move the City of Long Beach stops waiting for other agencies to build its connection to Downtown Los Angeles, and it invests $1 million to create the southern portion of the 710 Freeway.


For years, the City of Long Beach had waited for the State of California to take action and authorize the construction of a direct route by car between Downtown Long Beach and Downtown Los Angeles. By 1951, the City was fed up with the delays of the state and ultimately took action on its own.

In a rare action by a local government, the City of Long Beach invested $1,000,000 for the development of the 710 freeway. It took eight years to build, but by 1959 travelers from Long Beach could finally access Downtown Los Angeles by car through a direct highway passage.


Sources we used and further reading on this era of Long Beach:

USC Collections Long_Beach_710_Freeway_looking_northwest.jpg

Image Caption: View of Long Beach 710 Freeway looking north, around 1959. USC Photo Collections.