Housing Authorities for both the City and County are created to begin the first affordable housing projects in California, and local architect Kenneth S. Wing is hired to design Carmelitos near Atlantic Avenue.


In the midst of the second world war, housing and the growth of the Navy in Long Beach became strong priorities for the community.

Carmelitos, an affordable housing complex located at 5150 Atlantic Boulevard in North Long Beach, was constructed at this time. Designed by local architect Kenneth S. Wing, the complex was one of the first projects build by the newly-formed Los Angeles County Housing Authority.

In the photo at right, James and Alice Hamilton and their two children prepare to move from their present home in Compton to Carmelitos. The Hamiltons were the first family to move into one of the new units in the complex, which was the County’s first affordable housing project.

With affordable housing projects, the population of Long Beach grew - but it increased further as the United States entered WWII and the United States Military ordered the new construction of Roosevelt Naval Base in Long Beach.

In this photo slideshow, a view along the waterfront shows a row of boats tied up at the docks. On the right is a covered structure where crowds of onlookers wait for sailors to disembark

Image Captions:

  1. First Family Set to Move into Carmelitos Housing Projects. 1940. Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection.

  2. United States Navy Landing, Long Beach, California. 1932-1945. Loyola Marymount University Special Collections, William H. Hannon Library.