The Houghton family donates three acres of land for the City of Long Beach to use as a park.


Image Captions:

  1. Palm trees lining the central walkway in Houghton Park. Photo courtesy of We Are the Next.


In memory of their father and mother,  the Houghton children donated three acres of their family’s land in North Long Beach to the City of Long Beach in 1924. To utilize the land for the public, the City converted it into a recreational hub for North Long Beach.

The current Community Building in Houghton Park sits on what used to be the Houghton’s barn more than a hundred years ago. In order to expand the park, the City of Long Beach later purchased 25 more acres with the goal to make Houghton Park “the greatest recreational center of the West.”

Today, palm trees that Stanley Houghton himself planted still stand. They are nearly one-hundred years old.

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