33 Americans immigrate to this area (then part of Mexico) illegally, and face backlash.


Two years later, gold is discovered in the American River about an hour east of Sacramento. Word of gold in the region spread, triggering the Gold Rush of 1849.

Throughout the nation, Americans in search of riches made their way west hoping for a new life. Many faced peril and disease along the way, and those who did arrive in the region unscathed faced the harsh reality of a largely undeveloped territory.

The region that is now Long Beach wouldn’t become part of the United States until years later. During this time, Long Beach was primarily native land, and the then-City of Los Angeles (now the area surrounding Olvera Street near Union Station) was a flourishing Spanish territory.


Image Captions:

  1. “After the golden prospect,” J.R. Peden, & Co., photographers, 1898, Library of Congress.